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Child Safety Locks

Child Safety Locks in San Jose Do you have a new member of your family? Do not forget to keep your household safe for your baby. Whether he or she is a few weeks or months old, always make sure … Read more

Different types of locks

Types of Door Locks

There are various types of door locks and each has its pros and cons. So to guide you in selecting, here is the list of four locks that you can choose in the market. Mortise Lock Mortise lock is consist … Read more

Emergency locksmiths

If you’re lucky, you’ll never need to call upon the services of an emergency locksmith. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll join the many people that require emergency locksmith assistance each year. The services of an emergency locksmith can be … Read more

Locksmiths In Cyberspace

The locksmith in cyberspace The endless possible uses cyberspace is providing the human race have not been overlooked by locksmiths. Nowadays it is possible to have a duplicate key cut without having to take the original over to a hardware … Read more


How to Pop a Lock

The Correct Way to Pop a Lock Opening a lock requires skill, knowledge and having the right set of lock picking tools. Using items such as coat hangers, pliers or other objects can actually add further damage to the door … Read more


High Security Locks

High Security Locks and Emergency Locksmith Services Complete Best Bay Locksmith is your go-to locksmith company for when you want the best types of high-security locks to be installed in your car, home, and establishment or business. Aiming to protect … Read more