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Gates Lock and Key Repair

Do you have a gate lock that needs repair? For many homes in recent years, one of the best additions that can be made to security is to have an iron gate installed, since that’s a distinct deterrent to most burglars. These gates are equipped with large rugged locks that are meant to withstand the weather, but of course, wear and tear can occur.  Many homeowners find that after time, corrosion occurs. Locks are made up of many small parts that can incur damage and no longer fit properly into place. You don’t want to just leave your gate lock in disrepair! A lock is meant to protect you and your family and can only do that if it is working properly. If you need gate lock or key repair Locksmith San Jose is ready to help!

Gate Lock Works

Gate locks can be of many different varieties. For security, it is important that you have something more robust than a simple latch or lever. Most wrought iron gate works now include a classic lock that is similar to a deadbolt. These locks are heavy duty and contain a series of pins that fit tightly within shafts in a moveable cylinder. Just like any other deadbolt, a security gate should lock tightly and only open to a specific key. Some gate locks are electric and require a specific code to be keyed into them. These locks are handy if you want to allow access to any number of people but do not want to provide them with keys.

Trouble for Locks

As with any lock, trouble might come in the form of weather or abuse through regular use. Even if a lock has been rated to withstand use over a long time, closing and opening the gate forcefully can loosen the latch or damage the small pieces inside. In some cases, such as with harsh weather, the pieces can be corroded and weakened.

Call Locksmith San Jose

If your gate lock is damaged from use, if it is acting up and causing difficulty in operation, or if your key is broken, missing, or stuck in the lock, you can count on Locksmith San Jose to have the solution! Our highly trained technicians are not only familiar with all mechanical and electrical locks but have the software and tools necessary to repair a lock, reprogram a lock or key, or cut you a new key ON THE SPOT! Let us help you keep your Gate lock and key in working order.