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How to Pop a Lock

Published on 2014-12-21

The Correct Way to Pop a Lock

Opening a lock requires skill, knowledge and having the right set of lock picking tools. Using items such as coat hangers, pliers or other objects can actually add further damage to the door frame, rubber foam window guard and could shatter the glass itself. Many people resort to breaking the windows during emergency lockouts, but this unnecessary and dangerous process can be prevented in advance. You can purchase a complete lock picking tool set for a very reasonable amount of money at a hardware shop or through the internet stores.

Lock Picking

Picking a lock involves having perfect timing, excellent vision and sturdy hands. You must be careful not to use force when attempting to pick the lock. You may be familiar with a slim jim device, which is the most common lock picking accessory a professional relies upon. These exceptional devices are used to create a deep enough pocket or wedge to unlock the vehicle door from the inside. The metal strip is inserted between the safe rubber foam, which protects the window. Once the space has been peeled, you are then able to proceed.

Smaller sized tension wrenches are used to safely pick the tumbler lock from the exterior. There are many variations which all depend on the unique set of locks. Half diamond picks, S-rake picks and snake rakes are the tools the experts swear by. These tiny gems were built and designed to safely open jammed locks without causing serious damages to the vehicle or keyhole lock mechanism. It’s a wise idea to have these tools stored inside your trunk or in your emergency roadside kit. You can never be quite sure when you might need them, but you’ll certainly be glad you have them just in case!

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