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CCTV Surveillance Systems for Improved Security

CCTV (abbreviation of closed-circuit television) surveillance systems have been commonly used in the public sphere for some time and in the recent years you can find CCTV camera systems installed in private homes too.  CCTV systems main purpose is surveillance as it allows users to monitor the activity in their homes or businesses while they are away. CCTV surveillance systems are mainly used to discourage potential thefts and vandalisms.

How CCTV Surveillance Cameras work?

CCTV systems use video camera or more which records the video and audio data and transmits it to one or more monitors. The recorded footage can be watched at real time or it can be saved for later viewing, and its viewing is limited to permitted users – as opposed to broadcast TV systems that can be viewed by everyone.

With the advancement of video technology, there are several types of CCTV systems: analog, digital, wired and wireless camera security systems. At any case, they camera surveillance system would usually include one or more cameras, camera lenses, monitor and cables that handle the transmission (unless it is a wireless system). In wireless systems, the CCTV camera transmits the signal to the monitors. High-tech CCTV systems will may also include motion recording and event notification features.

If you want to ensure higher security and safety for your home or business call us at (408) 292-6980 and a certified locksmith equipped with the most advanced machinery and tools will install CCTV surveillance system. We also offer repair and replacement services for CCTV cameras.