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File Cabinet Lock Installation

File cabinet locks are used to provide better security for personal or business documents stored in an office or home file cabinet. File cabinet locks come in variety of sizes, shapes, prices and security levels and vary from simple key-based locks to sophisticated devices.

Why should you lock your file cabinet?

In business places, file cabinet locks are usually employed to protect various files from unauthorized employers, competitors or thieves. Locking the file cabinets can ensure that confidential files such as workers personal data or project plans will not reach the wrong hands. If your care about the security and secrecy of your business’ data, call a locksmith today and install high-security locks for your office file cabinets.

File cabinet locks are also used in private residence for various reasons: to protect private or sensitive documents such as tax reports or medical papers and to prevent theft of money and jewelry. Parents of young children are using file cabinet locks to prevent their kids from opening cabinet doors. Installing file cabinet locks is a simple and an inexpensive way to improve your home safety and privacy. Call a locksmith today (408) 292-6980  and get a free estimate on the various types of available file cabinet locks.