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Ignition Key Replacement Experts

When it comes to the relationship between your car and your keys we all know there’s a pretty direct link between the two. Without a working set of keys your car is useless. Providing ignition key replacement may seem like a small service to provide, but for a locksmith company like Complete Best Bay Locksmith there’s no such thing as a small job. Whether or not it’s an emergency we’re responding to or an appointment made to install a security system we know that our services are important to your daily life! This is why we offer all auto, residential, or commercial locksmith services day and night with a 30 minute response time anywhere in the San Jose area.

Your Ignition And Your Ignition Keys

Driving your car is impossible without a functioning set of keys in your hand. While all car owners start out with a good key and a great ignition, over years of use wear and tear occur. The tumbler is designed with multiple pins situated just so that a single ignition key will fit and push the pins upward allowing the key to turn. An ignition can actually get so beat up the key will no longer turn in the lock and your car won’t start. With new technologies it has become even more complicated, for example transponder keys possess a computer chip that frees the engine, without the right chip the engine is immobilized. Replacing ignitions and ignition keys are some of the services we provide.
Transponder Ignition Key: A transponder key communicates with the vehicle by sending out a code that the vehicle is programmed to receive. Most makes and models of automobiles now utilize the security features associated with a Transponder key. If you lose or break your transponder key you will need a professional with the ability to program a new key. Though most people turn to their dealership Complete Best Bay Locksmith can save you an arm and a leg in cost!
Rekeying the ignition: Sometimes an ignition will wear down, a pin will get bumped out of place in the tumbler or something else will go wrong. If you’re having trouble with your ignition and simply replacing the key isn’t going to do the trick then you need to get your ignition rekeyed. Our technicians can rekey an ignition and replace the ignition key for you.
Ignition key replacement: If all you’re looking for is a new ignition key because yours has broken off or been lost then Complete Best Bay Locksmith is the service for you. We provide no hassle response to your call. Our technicians can perform an on the spot key cutting and help you get going again. It is also wise never to try and extract a broken off ignition key, call for help and our technicians will make sure nothing is damaged unnecessarily.

Best Bay’s Reliable and Honest Service

We’ll respond immediately to any call, provide honest and reliable service and help to make your situation resolution as stress free as possible. With our honest pricing policy and our prerogative to serve our team here at Complete Best Bay Locksmith is proud to bring you the highest quality service. Our membership at the BBB is important to us and our team is fully certified and trained for the services we provide. You can count on us for all your ignition key replacement needs.