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Locksmiths In Cyberspace

Published on 2015-02-23

The locksmith in cyberspace

The endless possible uses cyberspace is providing the human race have not been overlooked by locksmiths.
Nowadays it is possible to have a duplicate key cut without having to take the original over to a hardware store which operates a key cutting machine or to order in a locksmith tech to duplicate the key for us in their service van. New locksmith apps enable “cyberspace locksmiths” to take orders for key duplication with just a photograph of the original key sent to them via the app. Duplicates are then made based solely on the pictures, the technology is so advanced that these duplicates are every bit as good as ones made on the conventional key cutting machines we are all familiar with. Naturally, the photographs sent must be of sufficiently high quality but a Smartphone camera is more than adequate for obtaining such “snap shots”.

Security Issues

It is true that the option of ordering duplicate keys via the internet and having them sent over by post is one which many of us are happy to take advantage of. However, criminals may attempt to have keys made by sending photographs they took of keys without their owners knowing it. They can then use the unlawfully gotten keys for burglarizing homes and businesses.

Measures Taken by Locksmiths Who Offer Online Key Cutting

Locksmiths who offer online key cutting are well aware that their services may be misused and thus pose a security risk. Responsible cyberspace locksmiths take measures to make it hard for anyone to get duplicates of keys other than ones they legitimately possess and use. The most basic of these measures is to process only orders where both sides of the key were photographed, this makes it hard to get a key made from a single photograph taken at an opportune moment without the key’s owner knowing it.
Another measure taken by cyberspace locksmiths is to demand credit card details complete with the card owner’s full name and address.

What We Should Do

Due to the security risks the new locksmith apps pose we should make some changes that’ll make it harder for those wishing to misuse the app in order to get a copy of one of our keys. For instance, it is best to begin keeping our keys tucked away rather than leaving them out in plain sight. It is also a bad idea to give our keys to anyone we do not trust completely (our home keys along with our car keys when we take the car to the shop for instance).