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Types of Door Locks

Published on 2015-10-26

There are various types of door locks and each has its pros and cons. So to guide you in selecting, here is the list of four locks that you can choose in the market.

Mortise Lock

Mortise lock is consist of a flat and rectangular box that suits the recess of the door from its edge. It also has two faceplates which includes the keyholes and the knobs. It has a pin tumbler locking mechanism and the latch operates from the side except when its outside knob is locked. The deadbolt on the other hand operates through turning the inside knob. Nevertheless, most mortise locks are available in right or left handed styles that is why, it is used in residential doors and apartment buildings.

Entry lockset

An entry lockset has two doorknobs which can be locked from the inside and outside. One of its type can be locked from the inside by depressing or turning the small button, while a key should be used to unlock the outside knob. There are some models that can be locked through a key in both inside and outside, but there are some models that can be locked using the inside knob only. A quality feature of this type of lock is the deadlatch.

Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry system is one of the most in demand locks nowadays. Because of its advanced home security, anyone who does not know the code cannot enter or access the property. There are some audio and visual indicators for an activated lockset. Some of its models will create an alarm if the incorrect code is entered in three consecutive times. In fact, there is also an anti-theft rolling code which ensures that no similar code is used twice. Burglars who try to access the property are prevented with the keyless entry system.

Privacy Lockset

A privacy lockset is an interior lockset that is designed for privacy rather than security. It features a locking button in the inside part of the knob but there is no key device in the outside knob. During emergency cases, its lock can be opened from the outside by inserting an object in a small hole and depressing the locking mechanism inside, which also depends on the type of lock. Variety of styles are available in the market.