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Window Locks Repair

Do your window locks need some repairs? Do they open and close smoothly and lock firmly? When it comes to maintaining a house, we know that there are a lot of little things that can be hard to keep up with. Here at Locksmith San Jose, we want to help our customers maintain the best home security possible. Keeping out burglars and crooks is mostly a matter of withholding the opportunity for them to easily enter your home, and window locks are a large part of creating such deterrence. If your window locks are broken or in need of repair, our technicians can provide you with quick and expert assistance in getting repairs or replacements installed today!

Window Locks and Disrepair

Over the years, your window locks are going to take some abuse. The older your house gets, the more summers and winters will do their part to overheat, freeze, corrode, and wear your locks away. Window locks are made up of fairly small parts and the smallest amount of damage can render them useless.  In some cases locks are loosened, screws strip out of holes, or wood warps. Many people rationalize that as long as a window is locked there’s no need to worry if the window can open. But in case of fire or other emergency, it is important that you can use that window. Even ventilation is important!

Changing or Repairing Window Locks

We provide complete window locks repair and replacement for old windows and new. Our technicians will begin the process by carefully inspecting your window locks. We will observe where damage has occurred and how it is causing faulty operation and poor security. Often, repair consists of replacing the hardware entirely. This can be easily done, and there are many options for homeowners to choose from when it comes to finding the right replacement. Where the wood has warped or screws have been stripped out of the frame, we can resurface the area and fill in holes to create a solid anchoring once again.

Our technicians have replaced many window locks, installed cabinet locks and gate locks, and rekeyed numerous houses. Whether you need your window locks repaired or you just need better security installed in your home, you can count on Locksmith San Jose to provide you with the service that you deserve for the prices that you can afford.